Brian Chandler (he/him) is a colorblind gamer, designer, developer, proofreader, and reviewer focused on visual accessibility.

chandlerb22 at

I want more people to play more games.

I play games, design and develop games, edit and proofread rulebooks and components, and write about the people who play, design, develop, and publish games. I try to help as many gamers as possible have access to play.

I have Deuteranomaly type of colorblindness, which is a malfunctioning of the green cone in my eyes. I most often confused red/green, brown/green, and blue/purple, and I often cannot identify colors by name.

Things I do

  • Game Reviews
  • Crowd Funding Previews
  • Accessibility Reviews, Mods
  • Rulebook/Component Editing and Proofreading
  • Development and Playtesting

Game Credits