Tabletop talk: Colorblind Accessibility

Tabletop Express. Accessibility matters. When playing board games, the color of a piece or the lightning in the room you’re playing with can have a drastic impact on how some players see the game. This discussion will focus on accessibility issues in relation to colorblindness and board gaming.

Is This Game for You? Featuring The Isle of Cats

Tabletop Express. Brian Chandler returns to the Express to discuss The Isle of Cats by Frank West. Is this game for you? Watch the video to find out!

grey means go: colorblindness in transportation

Institute of Transportation Engineers. Much of what road users use to navigate is visual. At a traffic signal, red and green provide opposite messages: Red means stop. Green means go. But to colorblind road users, these colors have little meaning. Grey means stop. Grey means go.


Cardboard Time (Arwen Kathke). A discussion on accessibility and colorblindness in gaming with Brian Chandler of Colorblind Games.

The Board Game Community Show (Riley Stock).

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Episode 83. Catch up with Brian Chandler and hear about the games, booths, and people highlights he had at SHUX!

La Tana dei Goblin. The Italian gaming site translated and republished the Colorblind Gaming 101 article for their audience. Special thanks to AndreaP (@PhalAndrea on Twitter) for the translation!

Tabletop Express: Brian’s Top 20 Favorite Games Right Now. Our third in the series of videos where the Tabletop Express team and our community share their Top 20 Favorite Games. Guest Conductor Brian Chandler will share his favorite 20 games right now.

Family Gaming Database Game Pathway: Brian’s Inspiration For Traffic Engineer Career

Board Game Geek News: Colorblind Gaming 101. BGG re-published the flagship article of the website.